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Muse Skate Co. Spotted Skate Leash

Muse Skate Co. Spotted Skate Leash

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We get it, you might be thinking, "...but there's already black and white cow print skate leashes in the skate market.." and you are not wrong, but while these two prints may seem similar, let us assure you that they are really quite different. And for someone as crazy as us looking for Dalmatian print, we knew it had to be made and so if you made it here, look no further :)

Our adjustable skate leash is durable and perfect for carrying your roller skates, skateboard or yoga mat.


  • Measures 1" Width x 0.06" Thickness approx 46" Length (when on roller skates but in total 54" Long)
  • Will not stretch or color bleed
  • Stainless Steel D rings sewn into each end for quick looping
  • Semi-Water Resistant
  • Mold, Mildew and rot resistant
  • 50% Polyester 50% Polypropylene

To use: Place each loop through your skates, yoga mat or skateboard trucks, and pull snug. Each loop is fully adjustable and holds onto your gear to ensure they stay in place. The strap is very compact and can easily fit in your purse or pocket when out and about.


Muse Skate Co.'s Spotted Skate Leash is professionally sewn by Project Pinup 

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